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Retail Store Management
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To utilize VOLEYUN industrial handheld terminal in retail store would be helpful to provide prompt and comprehensive services as well as enhance customer experience.

You may encounter difficulties in the work

1、Too many kinds of goods are very hard to manage:the goods import, sales, withdraw, fill up stage and account status not easy to match; mistakes frequently occur.

2、Goods real time data cannot be updated on time due to numerous retail stores: too many retail chains easily cause warehouse goods overstocked and retail store no enough goods for sale;

3、Management team cannot learn enough retail store real time information, bad for decision making

4、Customers sett


Our Solution

1. Goods information real time search to learn latest info:use VOLEYUN series barcode terminal to scan goods barcode and download data from local server via WLAN network, the goods price, quantity and stock information etc would be found in the VOLEYUN series terminal; it support shop staff to search goods real time information

2. Mobile billing system reduce pressure of checkout counter and increase customer satisfaction:VOLEYUN series handheld terminal mobile billing application eliminate manual billing works, increase check out efficiency and customer satisfaction.

3. Goods check in scanning and make sure for related shelve space for convenient search: the goods receiving clerk use VOLEYUN terminal to input goods information/scan order barcode; scan commodity barode, input quantity and production date; print goods receiving tags and tip into the package; put to related shelves for convenient search and ensure check in fist and check out first to eliminate overstock.

4. To learn real time stock information and provide reference for management team decision making: task to be allocated by headquarter, each retail store use VOLEYUN terminal download related task to check goods stock data and timely upload for management team on time learning about stock information.

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