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Pick Up Goods/Parcels Stage
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Through VOLEYUN series handheld terminals could input information and on spot billing, all of logistics data would be kept well in the early stage. This would lower the in house processing pressure and also decease error rating for transportation centers.

You may encounter difficulties in the work

1. Heavy works, goods easy to lose: the daily scattered goods are heavy load for employees of sorting center operators and goods/parcels frequently to be lost to ship

2. Shipping schedule not in time to be transferred:traditional record method usually cause not in time data transfer to effect client service experience



Our Solution

1. On spot billing:input shipping data of goods( weight, volume, property, forward destination, operating center information) to VOLEYUN and use Bluetooth printing technology to print the bill; scan barcode information from AWB; Then make full data records to secure accurate goods logistics information flow;

2. Logistics information on time up load:when pick up the goods after full information input, transfer related data to the courier company information center server via.GPRS or 3G wireless communication; So during goods dispatch stage operator would learn real time loaded goods information in the VOLEYUN terminals to avoid goods lost to be loaded.

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