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Fixed assets management
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VOLEYUN IOT Handheld Collecting Fixed Assets Management System is able to follow the whole process of fixed asset management. To realize the informatization / standardization and improve the efficiency of fixed asset management. It makes the work easier/ accurate/ quick/ comprehensive.

You may encounter difficulties in the work

Fixed assets management

The traditional manual counting can not meet all the requirements of modern enterprises. All the manual counting has lot of troubles especially for the management that has the lending/ repairing/ transfering, the counting has the problems as data duplicating records and information delay.


Our Solution

VOLEYUN Series Products can realize the automatic data capturing. The staffs need to go to different sites when they are doing the assets and inventory checking, under this circumstances, VOLEYUN will bring great convenience to your work. When you have the VOLEYUN Product what has the functions as Barcode reading/ RFID tags reading, you can have the tool to optimize the process of inventory, you can finish all works only by handheld device. The staff don’t need to fill the paper charts, they just need to scan the Barcodes or the RFID tags on the goods, all the charts will be filled automatically. They also don’t need to transfer the charts to the computers instead of pushing 1 button, then all the data will be transferd to the background system. It completely improves the working efficiency.

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