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Washington, Phoenix and San Diego join smart gigabit communi
Publication Date:2017-07-08 16:12     Visit Count:     Writer:VOLEYUN    


Washington DC, Phoenix and San Diego are among five cities which are now part of the Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) programme, US Ignite has announced.

Albuquerque, New Mexico and Jackson, Tennessee complete the latest entrants who will be joining the SGC network as part of their commitment towards the adoption of next generation smart city technologies.

The SGC programme brings municipalities, network carriers and other corporate partners, non-profit organisations, and the university research communities together to develop smart gigabit applications in order to address local community needs, including education, workforce development, public safety, community health, smart energy, and transportation.

The announcement focused on various initiatives taking place in the cities. Current smart city projects in Washington DC include smart waste management, movement analytics, and water quality sensing, while Jackson has partnered with Jackson Energy Authority to align the city’s gigabit infrastructure as a tool, test bed, and accelerator for economic, educational, and community benefit.

In Albuquerque, the initial phase of a project to install LED lighting around the city includes plans for sensors and cameras in key places for monitoring and data collection, while Phoenix is able to provide the best tools to the area’s entrepreneurs to help them build their companies and create real solutions for Phoenix residents and businesses. San Diego, the newest participant in the programme, will advance innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the city and further promote collaboration among local government, community leaders and corporate partners.

Every year, the newly announced SGC communities will develop two gigabit applications or gigabit services to provide advanced technology solutions to issues faced by that community, as well as sharing those applications with other SGCs.

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